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May 12 2018

Let’s talk about Canna-Sex, baby!

It’s a new dawn, it’s new day.
Cannabis has become an exciting source of sexual empowerment, and we couldn’t be happier!

For this article, we set out to learn about canna-sex. I turned to my friend Cyo Nystrom who co-owns QUIM ROCK, a self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas. Through their products and practices, they aim to de-stigmatize conversations regarding vaginal health and break taboos surrounding women’s sexual pleasure and cannabis use.

CAPELA: How do you get women excited about their vaginas?

CN: “We get women excited about their vaginas by encouraging them to take their pleasure and vaginal health into their own hands. This sentiment is echoed by our motto “you know.” You know what's best for your body, you know what works and what doesn't, and you're in control.”

C: Why use these products instead of a vape or a joint? What's the benefit?

CN: “Our Intimate Oil is absorbed topically, increasing blood flow and intensifying sensation. Rather than getting you "high" like a vape pen or joint, our products are designed to ignite your libido, enhance physical sensation, and serve as a vaginal health supplement without a psychoactive “high.”

C: A perfect scenario for enjoying Quim Rock products?

CN: Quim Rock is a place of self-care and self-love - a place where people can be intentional about the attention they're paying to their needs and to their bodies, and join in conversation and community. 
Our Intimate Oil is perfect for playtime, game time or you time. While it can absolutely be used in a sexy way with a partner, we really want to encourage people to try it first on their own, giving themselves the opportunity to get in their body and give themselves a bit of attention. So rarely do we make time to think about our own bodies in this way that (“Is this working for me? Do I feel different? What types of touch feel good what types don’t” etc) that just creating the intention and space to spend some time loving on yourself is a fantastic place to start. Once you understand your own body’s language of pleasure, it's so much easier to communicate that to a partner or multiple partners ;)

C: How do you incorporate the product in a routine with toys or a fetish?

CN: “Oooh, that’s fun! I recommend applying some of our oil to one of the wands/dildos and then using the crystal help massage our oil into your deepest crevices and activate that g-spot!”

C: Your personal faves: strains for menstrual pain?

CN: I have a non-hormonal IUD, which is awesome, but also means that I get really nasty cramps when I’m on my period. Because of this I usually look to high CBD strains like “Harlequin” and “ADCD” to provide pain relief. If I’m having one of those period days where all you can do is stay horizontal with a hot water bottle and watch Netflix, I really like a heavy Indica like “Afghan Goo” or “Purple Kush”.

C: strains to increase libido?

CN: I tend to gravitate towards sativa dominant hybrids when I’m trying to get frisky. Strains like “Girl Scout Cookies” or “Mr. Nice Guy” give an amazing sparkly, euphoric feeling but aren’t too speedy like “Red Congolese” or “Durban Poison” which are my go-to strains for exercising.

C: strains for sex?

CN: Totally depends on the kind of sex I’m having! Like I said earlier, I usually gravitate towards sativa hybrids for frisky sexy-time but every now and then, when its time for some seriously tender, D’Angelo-inspired lovemaking I light some candles and spark up a “Bubblegum Kush” joint, which has a heavy skunky sweet smell and is amazing for getting me into my body.

C: Any comment? Any quote? Practical advice in general?

CN: “Pee after sex! Stay away from Glycerin based lubes if you’re predisposed to Yeast Infections! Fuck on your period; orgasming is an amazing way to relieve cramps! Masturbate more!”

C: And last, a little fun twist I'm enjoying. Referencing the song by Meat Loaf 'I Would Do Any For Love, But I Won't Do That"... what do you think “THAT” was?

CN: “Haha, I like thinking that “THAT” is “pegging”... but maybe that’s just hopeful thinking.”

“We believe that excitement about your own vagina comes from empowerment and agency, which we hope to support through product creation and active conversation.” -Cyo Nystrom

Thank you Cyo! Every body is different, and we agree that it is of utmost importance to take the time listen and attend to your needs; know thy self! Cannabis can be a great and fun aid in the exploration for your own body’s language of pleasure.



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